Snow’s Tally: 2 Inches, 11 Accidents

By on December 10, 2013

SnowvilleVerona didn’t get the six inches of snow that some forecasts predicted (our completely unscientific front yard measurement is 2 inches), but by falling during the morning rush, the snow managed to do an outsized amount of damage.

According to Verona Police Chief Doug Huber, there were 11 accidents in Verona today. Most were skids and dents, but three people were transported to area hospitals. Their injuries are not thought to be serious. A report of a car going off the road at the Claridge House complex proved unfounded.

As Verona’s first responders tended to the mess on the roads, they had to also respond to two false alarms at Kip’s Castle. Apparently workers at the historic structure managed to set off its alarms not once, but twice. They called it quits for the day after the second.

But the scene in Verona was much better than that in Bloomfield. A fire at 60 Haines Street claimed the life of a woman in a wheel chair and sent her son to the hospital in critical condition. The cause of the blaze is not yet known.

The public schools cancelled all after-school activities, and Board of Education member Michael Unis is on Twitter saying that the BOE will postpone the fall athletics awards presentation that had been on the agenda for tonight’s meeting. Unis says this will be rescheduled for the January 7 or 21 meeting.

But the Verona Recreation Department wants everyone to know that their programs are still on as scheduled. This includes all Rec basketball practices and the gingerbread house event tonight.

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