VHS Mandarin Class Learns Origami

By on December 2, 2013

Mai-Mandarin-OrigamiVerona High School’s Mandarin teacher, Betty Hou, invited guest speaker and close friend, Amy Mai to give students a taste of the Chinese culture. Mai is an architect for her own company in New York and speaks fluent Mandarin. She emphasized the practicality of learning foreign languages as she told students how convenient it is to be able to speak the language of the natives while overseas, for business or pleasure.

On November 21, Mai taught the Verona High School students the Chinese art of paper folding, known as origami. Students were exposed to Chinese culture and their communications skills were tested. The students responded very well to her visit and were encouraged to participate in conversation with her, so that they could evaluate their own speaking skills. Mai met with Mrs. Hou’s freshman, sophomore and junior classes, and stayed after school to meet with the High School’s Mandarin Club. The insight to Chinese culture inspired students to continue to pursue the language and potentially use it in their careers.

–Amanda Flores

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