San Diego Loves DePalma

By on July 31, 2013

DePalma-Chargers-PracticeKeep your fingers crossed Verona: The San Diego Chargers apparently like what they see in Dan DePalma.

The Verona High School graduate signed a two-year deal with the Chargers in April and he has been working hard in the off-season. Here’s what the Chargers’ official news site has to say this week of his efforts:

“He’s done a nice job and he’s made the most of his opportunities,” McCoy said last week following the end of the team’s final mini camp. “The way we rotate practice, we give everyone an opportunity to play. All the receivers have bought in to what we’re doing and they are in the best shape of their lives. We’re going to run them a lot, and (DePalma’s) done a nice job.”, a fan site that is part of Sports Illustrated, takes things one step further. It says that DePalma–a mild-mannered guy in real life–is “destined to be Chargers fans new bromance”. (“Bromance”, if you haven’t heard the term, is a kind of crush that Hollywood has decided that men get.)

“San Diego Chargers fans have this affinity for little, white receivers in the pre-season,” writes Boltbeat. “It has a little to do with the fact that we let go of Wes Welker and he turned into a stud. Everyone loves an underdog.”

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Of course, neither underdog status, nor bromance nor praise is a lock on a spot on the roster. We’ll keep you posted.

Photo copyright San Diego Chargers. Used by permission.

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