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By on July 11, 2011

In about a month, the 151 members of the Verona High School Class of 2011 will be scattering across the country–and across the world–for higher education. Others are going into the military; some are immediately beginning their careers. While we continue our series on choices made by some members of the class, we thought our readers might want to see a full list of where all of Verona’s seniors this year are headed.

If you want to compare their plans with those of the Class of 2010, that list is here.

Danielle Ackerson, University of Scranton

Joseph Ashley, Caldwell College

Jack Atmeh, Essex County College

Kathleen Attamante, Clemson University

Emily Banks, information not available

Ella Barnes, Virginia Tech

Kara Bartow, University of Pittsburgh

Samuel Bendtsen, Montclair State University

Nicholas Berra, Universal Technical Institute

Lindsay Bongo, Savannah College of Art & Design

Daisy Bourne, Bucknell University

Julianne Boyle, University of Delaware

Eva Brandt,  West Virginia University

Caroline Brenneis, Marist College

Logan Bronson, Johns Hopkins University

Simone Brown, Kutztown University

Christina Brozyna, Fairfield University

Daniel Bryan, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Andrew Burns, Essex County College

Luis Caicedo, Essex County College

Richard Camejo, United States Marine Corps

Alexa Canning, Monmouth University

Juliet Carvajal, College of William & Mary

Nicole Casalino, Bloomsburg University

Kimberly Castellanos, Indiana University Bloomington

Christopher Chasse, Caldwell College

Tyler Collins, working

Brandon Collis, Johnson & Wales University

Edward Congdon, Felician College

Michael Congero, East Stroudsburg University

Brian Conover, United States Army

Paul Corrente, Loyola University of Maryland

Marc Cortese, Università di Bologna

Joseph Costa, Bloomsburg University

Theresa Courter, Essex County College

Colin Cummings, Loyola University of Maryland

Craig Cundari, Endicott College

Christian Davila, Essex County College

Anthony DeCandia, Quinnipiac University

Stephanie DeGennaro, Seton Hall University

Montana DelColle, Tulane University

Taylor DelColle, King’s College

Michele Della Vecchia, Berkeley College

Marisa DeNicola, Bloomsburg University

Nicole Deniflee, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Ryan Denora, Pratt Institute

Alyssa Dente, County College of Morris

John Denton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alex deVries, Arizona State University

Alyssa DiGiacinto, University of Massachusetts Amherst

DonnaJo DiNorcia, Manhattan College

Victor Di Sanzo, Montclair State University

Alyssa Drennan, Rowan University

Jared Egan, County College of Morris

Colin Farawell, The Hill School

Joseph FitzMaurice, Florida State University

Jody Freinkel, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

Nicolas Freschi, Global Citizen Year (Ecuador)

Rebecca Gannon, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Alex Graves, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Rocky Giudicipietro, Essex County College

Mariya Guzner, Montclair State University

Stephen Hahula, Bergen Community College

Hailey Harrington, Quinnipiac University

Joshua Held, SUNY Cortland

Brian Hill, Montclair State University

Donna Jeklinski, Essex County College

Cassandra Jung, William Paterson University

Christopher Karydes, University of Scranton

Robert Kaslander, Bridgton Academy

Gregory Keating, University of Oregon

Danielle King, Montclair State University

Mette Kolind, Clemson University

Ana Komar, Maryland Institute College of Art

Richie Kumar, Rutgers University New Brunswick

William LaRiccia, Arcadia University

What is this?

Jason Lawrence, Pennsylvania State University

Rebecca Lee, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Michael Liberato-Randall, Montclair State University

Harshil Limbachia, Essex County College

Alyssa Lopomo, Fortis Institute

Carly Maestas, Lycoming College

Matthew Malanga, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Alyssa Malfettano, William Paterson University

James Mann, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Lauren Marden, Ithaca College

Michael Masucci, working

Sean McGinley, York College of Pennsylvania

Andrew McIntosh, Drexel University

Emily McIntosh, Campbell College

Nicole McLaughlin, East Stroudsburg University

Alex McLoughlin, County College of Morris

Thomas McManus, King’s College

Adam Miller, University of Scranton

Ralph Minelli, Bloomsburg University

Daniel Moczula, McGill University

Cooper Neale, Montclair State University

Emma Newkirk, Lehigh University

Christopher Nolan, Montclair State University

Patrick O’Brien, Montclair State University

Canberk Oguz, Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Connor O’Neil, Johnson & Wales

Anthony Parra, William Paterson University

Gopi Patolia, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Jasmin Pena, Savannah College of Art & Design

Alison Perna, Quinnipiac University

Danielle Prezioso, College of Saint Elizabeth

Julia Procopio, Caldwell College

Michael Puerari, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Alexa Quattrocchi, University of Scranton

Cristiano Queiroz Jr., LIM College

Dayana Quesada, Ocean County College

Amanda Reyes, Fortis Institute

Vivian Richardson, County College of Morris

Joseph Rivera, County College of Morris

Nikolette Robertella, Artistic Academy

Matthew Robinson, Drexel University

Claudia Rollo, George Mason University

Matthew Rosenfeld, Fordham University

Katherine Ruggiero, Long Beach City College

Kweku Sapara-Grant, Rider University

Alexis Savva, Florida Atlantic University

Gregory Schiffenhaus, University of Miami

Kelly Scully, Ohio University

Robert Serafino, East Stroudsburg University

Luke Sheehan, Syracuse University

Christopher Silber, Montclair State University

Emilyanne Smith, Kean University

Holly Smith, Montclair State University

Thomas Smith, Savannah College of Art & Design

Alexander Sniatkowski, Catholic University of America

Samantha Snyder, San Diego State University

Claire Spardel, Colgate University

James Staudinger, working

Aria Straus, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Briana Tansey, University of Delaware

Julia Temple, Messiah College

Hugo Tenorio, United States Marine Corps

Ryan Thomas, Towson University

Matthew Tischio, William Paterson University

Alexandra Tortorella, County College of Morris

Zachary Trapani, working

Kaival Vaishnav, information not available

Carlos Vassallo, United States Marine Corps

Michael Verschleiser, William Paterson University

Miho Watabe, Drew University

Gordon Watkins, County College of Morris

Jessica Weiss, Montclair State University

Richard Williamson, William Paterson University

Emma Wozny, Syracuse University

Paige Zebrowski, Fairfield University

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